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Stuff Andre Agassi Likes

Posted by forever 21 on October 28, 2009

We play a little game here at Corporate Thuggin’ that involves naming a person and reeling off ridiculous things that that person cannot get enough of. The current scrub in our crosshairs, Andre Agassi, seemed like the perfect person to continue our segment. His autobiography called Open will hit stores on Nov. 9 and details his use of crystal meth back in 1997. I guess crystal meth is kind of big deal with 90’s pop culture figures. Agassi joins sweet tits, Stephanie Tanner, in the crystal meth category. Anyway, here’s the list and have at the comments board, I want to be stunned more than a porn star catching a load in the eye.

1. Crystal Meth


2. Giving glowing reviews of crystal meth

“There is a moment of regret, followed by vast sadness. Then comes a tidal wave of euphoria that sweeps away every negative thought in my head. I’ve never felt so alive, so hopeful — and I’ve never felt such energy.”

3. Steffi Graf, who looks like shes out of that Roald Dahl book called The Witches

steffi witch

4. Creating super children tennis players

5. Canon Rebel cameras

Honorable MentionShoes without laces

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