Jill Lofton

Creator, Co-Host

Who I am: Jillian Genesis Lofton, AKA Jilly G from Memphis, Tennessee, AKA Jilly Bean, or just Jill, take your pick!

What I do: By day I'm a media strategy director with 10 years experience in digital media and branding. On the side, I provide marketing and branding advice to small black and women owned businesses and artists.

Where I’m from: I was born in Mississippi, raised in Memphis, made a few stops and am now making my mark in LA. You'll notice my southern accent creep out when I get excited.

What I love: Being UNAPOLOGETICALLY black, talking shit, and Memphis BBQ & hot wings (the best in the world, debate your mama!).

What I Don't Love: Feet, micro-aggressions and people who stand up to exit the plane before it's their turn.

Dwight Pirtle.jpg

Dwight Pirtle

Producer, Co-Host

Who I am: Dee to some -- Dwight to most -- But me always.

What I do: Travel. If you ask my friends, I don't have a job. Like a modern day Tommy (from Martin).

Where I’m from: O-H...I-O! I was born and raised in the midwest, made the the trek to Las Vegas and now I reside in San Francisco. (But still, LeBron > Steph)

What I love: Chicken wings, Mezcal, and talkin' shit.

What I Don't Love: These hoes, being the first to arrive and finding an empty overhead bin after the flight attendant made you check your carry-on bag.